Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Single Girls Green Grass

At the last book club (yes, I’m in a book club and have been for almost 10 years!) we were having the often discussed single vs. married “the grass is always greener” competition. We talk about it often as like most things in life, there are advantages and disadvantages. Most of my married friends are very thankful they no longer have to deal with the trials and tribulation of dating (and I’m pretty sure most of my blog posts reinforce their thankfulness) and are very happy and content with their husbands and families, however, they brought to my attention many of the advantages we single women can enjoy before we find our “lobster”. So, I was inspired to write this post highlighting the Single Girls Green Grass to remind us of the good parts of being single!

Impromptu Vacations. I was telling my friend about my recent trip to San Francisco and Napa and my upcoming trip to Tulum, Mexico last night and I literally saw her face turning green with envy (shout out Renee!). The California trip was planned around a concert of a beloved artist who wasn’t coming to Texas on this tour (J Timba Timba Timberlake) and the California trip was planned in about two days when a friend and I, after both dealing with break ups, felt the need to get away and lay on a beach. We literally said – you busy labor day? Nope, me either. And our trip was booked in two days.
Happy Hour. If I get an email from a friend at 3pm on a Wednesday asking to meet up for drinks after work on most days this is no problem. Even if I had errands to run or a workout I was planning I can rearrange those things be happily enjoying a glass of wine (or three) with my bestie by 5pm. From what I hear from my married friends, especially those with kids, this would be a rare occasion as there are about 18 things that would have to be done and rearranged before they could even dream about sitting atop a bar stool with a cold beverage by 5pm.

Pool Day. The fact that I can literally lay at the pool ALL DAY LONG on the weekend is enough to send some of my married friends over the edge. I too use the weekends to get things done that can’t be done during the week but when you have a family it isn’t only get-things-done time but it also doubles as quality family time, especially with little ones who go to bed early during the week.  They could do pool day too but I doubt our pool days are the same J

TV. Yes, I have watched an entire season of a television series in a 48 hour time period. Not once, many, many times. Some might say this is a lazy way to spend your time and to them I say “HAVE YOU EVER SEEN HOMELAND!?!?!?!?!”. Because if they had they would understand. And while I am selective of bringing on new shows to my regular watching schedule (I watch a lot of TV people. No judging please) I do not have to be as picky as those that share a cable box and a home with their hubby and/or kiddos. Primetime, MTV, Showtime, HBO, Mini-series…I can do it all.

Being Hungover. If and when I am hungover, I do thank my lucky stars that I only have to deal with myself. There is not another human depending on me to do anything and if I need to lay in my bed under the covers sipping Gatorade and popping advil all morning I can do so. There is no child waking me up at 6am (but sometimes there is a dog doing so) that I need to feed, dress, entertain or husband reminding me that we have brunch plans with his parents or today is yard work day. If I want it to be, it’s just me and Taco Joint.
Money. Another point made by my friends last night was the fact that I can spend my money on whatever I want to. Yes, I have responsibilities like rent, bills, savings, etc. just like my married friends do but I do not have daycare payments, college funds or a joint bank account. Napa or Mexico, sure. That new Tory Burch purse, absolutely. Nice dinner or hefty bar tab just because, no problem. In a nutshell, I have more freedom to decide where I want my money to go.#mymoneylikeswine

Schedules. I am a planner so even though I’m just dealing with myself my week is pretty planned out most of the time in terms of when I schedule appointments, meet ups with friends, errands, working out, taking it easy at home, work, etc. The silver lining is that it is just me so I can rearrange as needed and do not have to check with anyone when I want to do it. If I am late getting ready in the morning then maybe I’m a little late to work but my child isn’t late for school. If I want to go to the gym after work I can just go and not worry about checking with my husband to make sure he can pick up our kid from daycare that day instead of me. If I want to go to a friend’s birthday party on Saturday night then I do and it doesn’t require me to either a) negotiate a night out with my other half or b) find a babysitter, pay said babysitter, and have to be home at a certain time.

The grass can always be greener on the other side BUT if you water your grass it can be just as green :-). No matter what your relationship status or status in life for that matter, live life to the fullest and ENJOY!

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